Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FO for a very good friend

My friend Susie very kindly stayed at our house during our 2 recent trips to watch our dog, Homer, and keep him company. Homer was a very happy and contented boy when we returned, so we know she did her job well. Some time ago, on this blog, when she saw my first attempt at a Calorimetry, she expressed her desire to have one. Well, if that isn't a call to a knitter! I love it when people actually request my talents! So I took her to an LYS and she chose some lovely yarn. I had way more than necessary for a Calorimetry, so I also made her a scarf. Following Jessica's suggestion, I made a Short Row Rib Scarf. Check it out:

I was pretty pleased at how everything turned out. I was a little worried that I wasn't going to have enough yarn in the skein left over to make a decent sized scarf, but through the miracle of blocking, it all worked out fine. And the yarn ended up being really soft, especially after a washing. I liked how it all turned out, and I think Susie did, too (or, at least, that's what she told me :)


Jessica said...

Your cal and scarf look great! Isn't it fun to see the short row rib scarf come out? I love the blue as well! :D

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the way they turned out, and sadly, even though it's mid April, I've had this week to test my calamity (as I like to call it) and scarf out. Thanks so much Suni! I love them!