Friday, February 16, 2007

Brand spankin' new yarn pr0n

This week's pr0n is a very new acquisition, purchased just last weekend.

This is Dream In Color handpainted yarn, which I recently learned from Yarn Is My Metier's blog is actually a Chicago company. So I'm pleased to be supporting another local yarn maker.

The only thing that I'm a bit perturbed about is that the ball band didn't include the color, which I didn't notice until I got home. Which could be a problem because I may need another skein of this (the LYS where I got this only had the 1 skein in this color). Whatever color this is, though, I just love it. I love the minor variations of blue and purple and even pinks that crop up throughout the yarn. And as an added bonus, it's 100% superwash merino.

I purchased this with my friend Susie, who requested a Calorimetry. There are 250 yards in this skein, which obviously is way more than necessary for a Calorimetry, so I'm also going to make her a scarf with this. I'd like to try making a multidirectional scarf, but I'm worried I won't have enough yarn left over for it. I'm also not sure there's enough variation in this yarn to look good in a multidirectional scarf. Any other ideas?


Zonda said...

Ohh nice colorway! Bummer about the ball band though...hmmm..

Jessica said...

No color? That's odd. I love the color though. It's great.

I think you'll be just fine with a scarf. Check this one out. It's similar to what you have in mind but slightly different. I'm making one and it looks great. Short Row Rib Scarf
Scroll all the way down to see the close up!