Thursday, January 25, 2007

A loner...for now

I have a partial FO. Well, it's a completed object, but since it's only 1 sock of a pair, I guess it only counts as a partial FO. But here it is, the first sock!

The pattern is the Baby Cable Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I used less than 1 skein of Knitpicks Gloss (70% merino, 30% silk) in Woodland Sage.

Here's a close up of the ribbing. While I've made adult booties and kid socks before, this is actually my first proper adult sock. And it fits like a glove - it's like it was made for me. Wait, it was made for me!

Lest you worry, I've already cast on and finished the cuff for the second sock - so no second sock syndrome here! It'll probably be a while before I can show you the completed pair, since I have at least a scarf and a hat to complete first (they are for others, so I feel obligated to work on them more diligently than on the sock for now). I really enjoy working with this yarn, though, and the Knitpicks dpns, so I quite look forward to knitting the second sock.

In non-knitting news, I have been on cloud 9 all week. Why, you ask? Because, after 22 years of watching, waiting, and hoping, my beloved Indianapolis Colts are finally going to the Super Bowl!!! [Insert image of me doing a little jig here. Ok, maybe that's not a good image.] What a roller coaster ride of emotions I went through on Sunday - from the depths of despair and depression at halftime (so much so that I refused to talk to my husband or take any calls - well, except one from Knitdds), to the cautious optimism of the 3rd quarter, the heart palpitations and nervousness of the 4th quarter, and the sheer joy at Marlon Jackson's game-ending interception in the final minute. What a game! Unfortunately, as much of a superfan as I consider myself to be, I can't fathom shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars to go to Miami for the big game. Luckily, I have a 52" flatscreen as a substitute. I live near Chicago, so clearly I'm not a particularly popular person right now. But such is life.

(And my apologies to Knit Mongrel and any other unfortunate Patriots fan out there. But you've had years of domination - now it's our time to shine, baby! So I guess that's not much of an apology, huh? :)


Knit Mongrel said...

Yeah. We're not friends.

But... well... ok. We can be friends for a minute because I just finished a pair of socks for my mom in the Baby Cable Rib - doesn't it rock! So, lots of sock love for ya (yours are gorgeous - kick ass woman!), and rock on with the second one.

Ok, we're not friends again.

Go Bears. :)


jupiterjessica said...

congrats on your sock! If only I could get that far! :) I'm glad the Patriots didn't make it also...ick. ;) Have fun watching the game in Feb.

Desiknitter said...

this kind of cable/rib I find very complicated. I am making the birch leaf pattern from gathering of lace which has something like this on the cuff, and it's taking me forever.