Friday, December 29, 2006

Yarn Pr0n Friday!

In today's edition of Yarn Pr0n Friday, I present to you...

...Knitpicks (what else) Alpaca Cloud in Autumn. This is a 100% baby alpaca lace weight yarn. I'm attempting to make a simple feather and fan scarf with this. But I have to say, I don't think I'm a fan of the lace weight yarn. I'm using size 3 Bryspun straights, which are supposed to be great for the lace knitting. But I'm still feeling that this is some incredibly delicate stuff. It's also very soft stuff, though, so I'm willing to keep at it and finish the scarf. And I just love the color. What more can you ask for in a yarn?

So what's everyone's plan for New Year's? I hope you have more exciting plans than I have - I haven't made it to midnight in the last couple of years (which I fully blame on my child). But maybe this is the year. Or maybe I'll horn in on Knit Mongrel's Pajama Party Scrabble Tournament. We'll have to see what the weekend brings.

Happy Friday, all!


sgeddes said...

Pretty stuff!

I'll be at home knitting my New Year's Eve away.

Lauren said...

That is a pretty color.

I love knit picks, it makes yarn buying affordable for me. :D

Knit Mongrel said...

Scrabble party is open, especially if you bring the pink nap. :) Love the yarn - I found lace knitting to be wonky at first, but once you do several pattern repeats it'll click. It helps to have the right needles for the job. Hope the winding is still going well!! xoxo

Jessica said...

Nice yarn! I'll have to get some of that sometime except maybe not in lace weight right now. :)

knitdds said...

I wanna Scrabble too!!!

Well, that's what happens when I decide to stay in WI, I miss out on all my friends playing scrabble.

Seriously, we do need a tourney. And a book club.

Happy New year, darling, see you in 07