Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Obligatory resolutions for 2007

1. Knit more for myself. I know, awfully selfish, huh? But I have never knit anything for myself. Well, that's not entirely true. My first knit socks were booties I made and kept (because I didn't want to expose anyone to my first attempt at socks). And I was right to keep them - my half-assed attempt at the kitchener stitch didn't hold up, and I didn't have any extra yarn to even try to correct the mistake. So it would've made an awful gift. The bottom line, though - I don't own anything that I've knit. I must rectify this in 2007 - I've one pair of socks started and many others in line, and I plan on ordering some yarn to make a scarf and hat. Oh yeah, and I ordered some beauteous yarn to make myself a Clapotis. Yay!

2. Start Christmas knitting WAAAAAY earlier. To complement my first selfish resolution, I must include a more generous one. I had aspirations to knit gifts for friends and family this year but just did not have the time when it came to the wire. But not so in 2007. I purchased Holiday Knits, which has some lovely patterns in it. I think I'll start my holiday knitting in March.

3. Refrain from the "eyes are bigger than my knitting needles" trap. I have a bad habit of seeing a pattern and thinking, "That's awesome! I could knit that!" Then I proceed to order the yarn and get all excited about starting the project. Then I start the project and realize just how complicated and/or time-consuming the project will be. Then I lose interest. But not so in 2007! I resolve to read patterns through carefully and completely at least 3 times before committing to any project. I will only take on projects that I really and truly believe that I can/will knit. I will not needlessly and recklessly add to my already substantial stash.

4. Complete the tie-cropped cardigan for my sister. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

5. Visit Arcadia Knitting. I know, a travesty that I'm so near it but have never been. For those not in the know, Arcadia is (as I understand it) rather a mecca of the Chicago knitter. So I guess I already know that my resolve will crumble with respect to the last part of #3 above...

6. Make room in life for more than knitting. OK, I'm not as lame as this resolution sounds - I actually do have other things in my life besides knitting. But since beginning to knit just over a year ago now, I've become quite obsessed. I stay up late at night to finish just a few more rows. I carry my knitting around wherever I go, even when I have hardly a hope of having an opportunity to knit. I guess what I've most let go to the wayside since beginning to knit is reading. Don't get me wrong, I still read a fair amount. But the list of books that I want to read continues to grow, and I haven't been very good about checking names off the list. So I gotta work on that. I guess that means the title of this resolution should have been "read more." But I like to keep it all about knitting. :)

7. Get the knitting book club going. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone (which, really, is a terrible saying. Poor birds.). I had first discussed this with Knitdds, who posted about it and I think had some response from those interested in it. I'll admit I was part of the problem in its not coming to fruition - Sunday is really the best day for a book group meeting, and I refused to give up my Sunday NFL ticket. But football season is almost over, so I'm all about getting the knitting book club in order. Oh, and Go Colts! (I know, I live near Chicago and should be a Bears fan, which I am. But I grew up near Indianapolis, so gotta stay loyal to the home team.)

8. Actually stick to a fitness program. So I couldn't get the word "knitting" into this resolution. And this is such a cliched resolution. But it's an important resolution, nonetheless. I can be so hot and cold about exercising, although I will say that 2006 was a better year than most. I started going to spinning (biking, not roving) classes in 2005 and actually was relatively consistent with it through 2006. But I have a terrible all-or-nothing attitude about exercise - if I'm in the routine, I'm gold. But if I have to skip a workout or 2 for whatever reason, it's very easy for me to skip several weeks of exercising. Then it's tough for me to get motivated to start again. I've allowed myself to slack off over the holidays, but I'm going to be good from here on out!

I hope the first 2 days of 2007 have been all you've dreamed for and more!

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Jessica said...

I have faith in you on the working out bit. I had never worked out a day in my life (other than sports and marching band when I was younger) before I joined my gym in the summer. Now I go all the time! I get depressed when I miss it for too long. Remember, it takes 21 days to build a habit. Maybe my guilt problem helps me too!