Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Can you feel the love?

I opened my front door Friday to the most thrilling discovery.

I have yarn fairies.

Not only do I have yarn fairies, but I have the most fantabulous yarn fairies in the history of the universe!

Let me explain. I opened my front door on Friday afternoon to get my mail, and there was a Whole Foods bag at the door. It contained gifts. I brought them inside, assuming they were gifts from one of my neighbors for my daughter. But, no! The gifts were labelled for me, courtesy of "Your Yarn Fairies." "Who are these yarn fairies?" I wonder. I was ever so curious to see the goodies inside, but like a good girl, I waited until Christmas morning.

What did my yarn fairies bring me? An umbrella swift and ball winder! I'm the happiest knitter in the world! I LOVE MY YARN FAIRIES!!!!!

After picking my jaw up off the floor and hurrying everyone else through the gift-opening process (no small feat, given the volume of gifts for my daughter), I got to work.

I am so thrilled with this gift and have warm fuzzies inside thinking of all the love I have from my knitting buddies. Especially since I've taken to ordering yarn online more and more (see previous post re: Knitpicks addiction), this will be used often. Even my daughter wanted in on the yarn winding fun!
In other news, sorry for not posting pr0n on Friday. My hubby had knee surgery (ACL reconstruction) on Friday, so I was otherwise occupied. Hubby's in some pain, but he's doing really well. So I'll be back on the pr0n train on Friday.
Hope everyone had a great Christmahannukwanzafestivus!


knitdds said...


yarn fairies rock!

swifts and ball winders are even more awesome, especially when you've been wanting one. 8-)

what, may I ask, is all that yumminess of yarn for?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked your gift! I'm going to go hang out with the tooth fairy now, but I hope your husband is healing ok, and much love to the princess!

-Yarn Fairy