Friday, July 6, 2007

It's been a while...

...since I've had any yarn pr0n to show off. Not that I haven't had the pr0n, and with the recent increases I've made to my stash, I should have lots to show of for some time to come. But my camera doesn't take the best pictures, or I'm just not the best photographer, so getting good pr0n shots can be a bit tough. But I got some decent pictures of one of my more recent acquisitions.

This is Dream in Color superwash merino, worsted weight, in the Dusky Aurora colorway. I saw this at my LYS and fell in love with the colors. One skein will probably be booties that will be gifted for Christmas, but I don't know what the other skein will be. Maybe booties for me?

I've used Dream in Color yarn before, and it knits up really nicely. The only thing about it is that the dye from the yarn rubbed off on my bamboo needles. Not that I really care, but I just have never had that happen with yarn before. Maybe because it's hand painted (as opposed to hand-dyed? I don't fully grasp the difference).

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Tehemina said...

I hadn't told you, but this is SOOOOOOOO pretty!!
Closer Knits? Or Montoya?

Whatever, it's luscious.

I'm proud of you for frogging your mistakes. . .the stole is looking nice!