Thursday, June 14, 2007

An FO a long time the making

I FINALLY finished knitting hubby's Shifting Sands scarf last week! I still need to block it, but I figured I could show off some pictures anyway.

I used under 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Cedar for this. Unblocked, it's about 55 inches long. Here's a closer shot of the many, many, MANY cables in this scarf.

Truly, though, the cables were not so difficult to do, following Grumperina's instructions on how to make cables without a cable needle. It's really a great pattern because it isn't too boring, but it also is not so complicated that it requires focused attention. And I truly think this is one of the more beautiful items I've ever knit. I hope lucky hubby appreciates this! I think he does, see that it took me, oh, 6 months to knit this! Not dedicated knitting, of course, and many other projects were begun and completed in the interim. But still, 6 months!


Emma said...

Ooh, it's beautiful!

Zonda said...

Lovely colorway! Nice knitting! :)

Jessica said...

Oh, it's great. I love it. Congrats on finishing it. Nice green. :D

Knit Mongrel said...

Oh, honey - it's SO lovely!!! Congrats on finishing it... don't forget to remind me (ha) to bring you the BSJ pattern! xo

Your Secret Pal said...

I love the slightly different shades of green in that yarn. looks like you did a fantastic job! 6 months was worth it!

PS You've got some goodies on the way!

sgeddes said...

Wow! It turned out beautiful. I love the color with that pattern.
I've wanted to try that pattern - but have shyed away from so many cables.