Thursday, June 7, 2007

Another gift

As promised, I need to show off another gift I recently received. But a bit of set up first. If you read Knit Mongrel's blog (which you should if you don't), you're probably aware that she recently completed a Clapotis. This Clapotis was actually her second one, since, heartbreakingly, she had lost the first one she knit some time ago. Boo. However, in the course of cleaning her place in preparation of an imminent move, she found Clap the First. In response to her blog post about it, I jokingly told her that this meant she could give one Clap to me. Well, little did I know that before I had even posted that response, Mrs. Mongrel had already wrapped up Clap the First for me! I was (and am) so excited! It's gorgeous. See:

I absolutely love it! It was actually a bit chilly in Chicago yesterday, and I was thrilled because it meant I had a reason to wear my Clap! Thanks so much, Knit Mongrel!

In other news, I finally finished hubby's Shifting Sands scarf. No photos yet, since I haven't yet had a chance to block it (seeing as my blocking room aka our guest room is occupied at the moment with my in-laws). But I'm very happy with how it turned out. I still can't believe I actually did all of those cables. An entire scarf's worth. With sock yarn. Yowza.

Periodically, I go through organizational phases. I've cleaned out my closet (mostly - I have a lot of crap to go through still) as well as the kitchen pantry. So I decided to put my organization craze to some real use and organize the stash and my WIPs. Now, my stash is modest compared to some, so I have all my yarn stored in just a few plastic Container Store-type drawers. But the coup de grace of my anal retentiveness was the creation of an Excel spreadsheet, listing out my needles, WIPS, future projects for which I have yarn in my stash, future projects for which I need yarn, and extra yarn in the stash. I roll my own eyes at my nerdiness sometimes.

But this means it's quite easy for me to tell you what I currently have on my needles. I have a pair of house socks that I'm knitting for my mother-in-law for Christmas (yes, I'm slowly starting my Christmas knitting already - I refuse to be caught at the last minute as was the case last year). I am in the middle of a Branching Out, which will probably also be a Christmas gift. I just the other day cast on for a Monica for my daughter. And last, but not least (well, maybe least), I have a Norberta. Now, technically, Norberta is not on my needles, being something that's knit in pieces and seamed together. And you all know my history with seaming. So I've knit some of the pieces, but we'll see if I ever finish it. But since I'll probably never have another use for the yarn I purchased for it, I guess I might as well keep it in the WIPs list as a possibility. I know my daughter would love it, so in the end, that may be the incentive I need to finish it.


Natalie said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! You are so lucky! Can't wait to see hubby's scarf!

Knit Mongrel said...

So glad you like it. :) It looks gorgeous on you - I knew it would.