Monday, March 19, 2007

Ooh, the excitement!

SP10 matches have been sent out, and I received the cutest e-card from my secret pal. I swear, I can already tell I'm going to like her! I was also very excited to find out who I get to be spoiling - I genuinely love giving gifts, so I'm very psyched to start putting together some packages.

I have to apologize again for being MIA with YPF. This past Friday, I was actually out of town, in of all places Orlando, Florida. As in, Walt Disney World. My husband had a conference at one of the WDW resort hotels, so since his travel and the hotel room was going to be paid for by his company, we decided to take the opportunity to take the kiddo to the Disney extravaganza. Now, I actually was not planning on doing Disney anytime soon - my daughter is only 3, and while she knows all the princesses names and some of the other characters, the only Disney movie she's actually seen is The Jungle Book (one of my personal favorites). But since my husband was going there anywhere for this conference, we decided to just do it. And we had fun, but I stand by my original statement that she would've gotten more from the experience were she a few years older. Plus it is really difficult to explain to a 3 year old why you just have to suck it up and wait in line for everything!

Don't get me wrong, by no means was the trip a bust. I mean, she did get to meet some of her favorite celebs:

(For those not in the know, that's King Louie and Baloo from the Jungle Book.)


Jessica said...

What?! You were in Disney? I am so jealous. I know what you mean though about kids being a little older. My younger younger bro will be 6 in April and my mom still hasn't taken him. She says she's not going to until she knows he will be under control. (He gets really excited about stuff) She doesn't want him running off! ;)
All is forgiven since you were in Disney. We're glad you're back. Hey, it was actually nice this past week, wasn't it? wise. Lucky you. Sorry for the long comment. Any talk of Disney gets me in a frenzy. ;P

Jessica said...

oh yeah, congrats on your sp. lol

Your Secret Pal said...

Ooo, Disney World! Sounds like a nice trip.

Nice to know that you like me and I haven't even sent anything yet! I've been crafting away on some goodies and hope to have your first package in the mail in the next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture.

Good thing she had "pink nap" to help keep her settled while waiting in line :)

Desiknitter said...

Your daughter is adorable!!