Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meet Sheldon!

This project made me so happy!

I saw the pattern for Sheldon on Knitty and knew that I absolutely had to make this for dear Knitdds, who is expecting her first child (yippee!) in the spring. So I cast on, and about a week later had this:

I've already told Knitdds that I'm vying for favorite auntie status, and I'm so not below bribing the kid to get it. :)

Overall, I thought this project was a lot of fun. The pattern was SOOO well written and super easy to follow. Working the double points was a bit tough on some of the smaller sections of Sheldon (like the neck and the legs), but luckily those didn't last too long. And the shell is supposed to be removable - which technically this is, but I think getting the shell back on Sheldon would be a bit tough. I happened to have the suggested Knitpicks yarn in my stash (I know, shocking!), and I think I actually have enough to make another (I know, more shocking!). Since my daughter apparently really loves Sheldon (or so she told me), I may be commissioned to do another.


Jessica said...

He is too cute! I am going to have to try making one soon! Although it looks like once you finish one you'll want to make a billion more! :D

knitting bandit said...

Super sweet Sheldon--I don't even remember seeing him on Knitty. I stopped by from knittdds blog to check out your Lorna's Lace's Angel booties they sound darling.