Thursday, November 30, 2006

I have a blog!

Hello all!

I never thought I'd ever be one to start a blog. I never understood why people wanted to blog.

Then I entered the world of knitting blogs.

And I had to join in.

It really hit me one day when I came home with some FABULOUS sock yarn that I was so excited about (and which I will post pictures of once I figure out how to do so). I showed it to my wonderful husband, and he said, "That's nice." NICE?!?!?!? That was so not the reaction I wanted. And it became abundantly clear to me that only other knitters could possibly be as excited about my yarn and my projects as I am. So here goes, my foray into the wild, wacky blogosphere!


Tehemina said...


I'm the first to comment, I'm the first to comment!!!

Congrats on your entry into the blogosphere, may the landing be GENTLE. . .

desiknitter said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! You'll be amazed at how it sucks you in. Look forward to reading more. And great projects btw: do I take it you like the colour blue?! :)