Monday, August 6, 2007

And so it goes

Well, as anyone who's doing the MS3 knitalong knows, the theme was revealed last week to be a Swan Lake thing. So the finished stole is supposed to be asymmetrical, to be in the form of a wing. My first reaction when I read the theme and saw the rough design of the finished project was, uh, pretty much that I didn't like it. The designer did give an option to make the stole symmetrical, but because I opted to do a shorter version of the stole (since I had to frog the whole thing a couple of weeks ago), following the instructions for a symmetrical stole would result in the world's shortest stole. And while I could probably figure out how to add some length to it, I'm not sure that it's worth it. I'm just setting the project aside for now, figuring I can always go back to it later if I want. But at this point, I'm more inclined to just call it a day and use the remaining yarn for something else (I don't think I can salvage and reuse what I've already knit, since the bamboo yarn I'm using is so splitty). Like I said, I'll let it sit for a while before I make any drastic decisions. In the meantime, I certainly have enough other projects on the needles.

For example, I have my Clapotis. I'm almost finished with the straight row section and am about to start the decreases. I'm so sorry I haven't posted any pictures of it, but the yarn colors are difficult to photograph well (particularly when your photography skills are menah menah). I also started an Odessa for my sister, but this is my train knitting project so it's going slowly (since I only need to take the train to work once a week - yeah, I have a really good part-time setup). Then this weekend I just cast on for a Bobble Blue Scarf. I'm enjoying this pattern so far, and it's a really quick knit so it shouldn't take me too long to complete (although I think I'm going to try to finish the Clap first, since that's been on my needles longer).

All of the above WIPs are projected Christmas presents. Yes, I'm planning my Christmas knitting this far in advance. There's no way I'd come even close to completing the gifts I want to make if I hadn't already started. Plus, I'm not much in for summer knitting, since summer knitting for the most part appears to be garments, like summer sweaters and tanks. And my experience thus far with these types of projects has not been productive. So for now, I'll stick to scarves and socks and hats.

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Lisa said...

I've set mine aside. I will more than likely rip it all out and us the yarn for something else. I did realize I like adding beads to knitting when it's subtle. I might do a thin wrap or cardigan like object with little beading on the sleeve edges...I haven't decided. I've come across several other projects that I am way more excited about at this point and I have the yarn for them...Ya know, you said you Google people who weren't to into the design, I was wondering how many did you find? It seemed to me that I only noticed on other person who didn't like it and when she posted that she was disappointed, she got ripped apart on the emails...I was surprised I didn't get any response to mine (the email was basically my blog post).