Monday, December 4, 2006

Snow Fun

I'm glad my daughter berated me into taking her outside to play in the snow Friday. It wasn't nearly as cold as I thought, and I forgot how much fun it is to make a snowman. Or more like a snow kid. I also learned that my snow person making skills leave much to be desired. What can I say, it's been a while!

In knitting news, I've been naughty. I'm knitting a sweater (my first sweater - I'm using the free pattern from Knitpicks for the Tie-Cropped Cardigan) for my sister for Christmas (my sister, not being a knitter, will not be reading this blog and thus no surprise is ruined). After much confusion with the pattern (a subject for another post), I finally figured things out and have made good progress on the sweater. But now for the naughty part. I'm kinda sick of the sweater, so I've put it aside. And instead of doing some other holiday knitting, I've decided to cast on for some socks for me. I know, not in the selfless spirit of the holiday, right? But what can you do? Sometimes, you just need to knit socks. :) I'm going by one of the patterns in Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. I'll probably do the baby cable pattern, although I haven't decided yet (I'm still on the cuff). Once I have some progress, I'll post pictures.

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