Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moving right along...

So the sweater I'm making for my sister for Christmas is moving right along. I'm almost finished with the second sleeve (I'm going to make a big push to finish it tonight). Then just blocking and seaming left! Of course, the seaming part makes me VERY nervous. I've never had to seam so much for one project, so cross your fingers for me! Oh, and then I think I have to do some crocheting around the neckline, which I'm also not really looking forward to. But it will be completed! I'll post pictures when I'm finished with it.

I think what I've learned from the process of knitting my first sweater is that I'm just not a sweater-knitting kinda person. I'm a little nervous that, after all this work, my sister won't be that into the sweater. She probably wasn't the best person for whom to knit my first sweater - she can be one of those people who wears something twice and then forgets about it in her closet. But in any case, I just can't imagine doing another sweater - it's just too long of a project. And then you've got sizing to worry about. Yikes! I think I'll stick to socks.

Speaking of which, I received yet another Knitpicks order with some FABULOUS sock yarn. So I have some good stuff to post for Yarn Pr0n tomorrow!

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